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With All Going On In The World, It's Never Been More Important To Seek To Know God And His Direction For Your Children In Today's Challenges With Parenting

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Get FREE Access to 21 Days of mentoring from me. How I was able to influence my three children in a godly way even though I was not physically with them.

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You'll the understand the foundation of your faith, know God and influence your children in a godly way.

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 You'll learn a better way to pray to get answers for your prayers. It has never been more important to pray for your children than now.

Hi, I'm Mycel

Mycel is a parenting expert and believes that when a mother knows God for herself, she influences her home, her children to live for Him.

Founder of Living Your Ultimate Potential: The #1 community and training program, where you find clarity to identify your potential. 

Her passion is to share the unconditional love and the gospel truth of God with people. She believes that every person was created with a purpose and needs to identify that purpose. Her books will
inspire, encourage, motivate, and equip you.

What You’ll Get During This 21-Day Knowing God To Influence Your Children Challenge!

Don't miss this unique opportunity to go into 2023 with increased revelation and wisdom for reigning in your home, having relationship with God and yourself. 

  • Why knowing God and having a personal relationship with God is the answer to the well-being of your children.
  • You'll no more pray general prayers for your children but learn how to take time to write down scriptures and prayer needs for each of your children, so that you do not neglect their deepest needs, remembering that their souls as well as their bodies have been placed in your care.
  • The ten most important prayers to pray over your children, write or tuck the list in your prayer journal.  
  • You'll understand the foundation of your faith and why the Bible is your life manual, reading it will set you free from your personal problems and parental struggles.
  • How to pray for your children without overwhelm. How your child can have good morals and succeed in life.
  • Your understanding of reading the Bible will be deepened. You'll know that you already have the answers to your prayers.

They Say

What They Say

A testimony from a mother who participated in our September, 2022 Moms Summit why mothers ought to pray for kids

The powerful reliance of all speakers on the Word of God and their deep seated faith.

Prayer at all times and in all places, had been " the house built upon the rock" , when rains of doubt, winds of frustration, gales of worries and floods of physical or financial constraints, could not shake the foundation. 

I liked most of the speakers quoting the example of Hannah. 

Knowing and accepting that God is in control at all times. 

An eye opener to me was:

Allow children to teach you,

Teach children " to hunger and thirst for God ",

Respect and appreciate the differences in each child 

Listen to your children. 

The speakers were awesome, from the mother " waiting at the window , with running shoes for the return of the Prodigal child" to the mother who gave a new definition to prayer," Pour out your heart before the Lord ". All their life situations have proved that when" God is with you, Who can be against you ".( Romans 8 v 31).

I loved this Summit . I appreciate and thank you Mycel for the efforts taken , to bring these esteemed speakers , share their life stories, so that as moms and grandmothers  and a great grandmother, we know that parenting is a gift from God , who equips us fantastically and wonderfully for this journey. 

May God abundantly bless you, in  your future projects. 

God bless. 

ardent participant

Free ticket to the Moms Ought to Pray for Their Kids Summit

My biggest take away from the Summit was how we can still be with our kids in prayer even when we can not be physically with them. I love the idea of praying for our children's future husband and grand kids, my daughter is only 15 years old and I never thought of that before so thank you.

It was a great summit with some great stories being shared.

Thank you your sister in Christ 

brenda bourgoin

Free ticket to the Moms Ought to Pray for Their Kids Summit

Your summit was such a blessing to me as a mother. I have been praying very hard for a daughter of mine, Melody in the past few weeks. The Lord has been waking me up in the middle of the night to pray for her. So this summit was providential and such an encouragement to me. 

Thank you again and God bless your ministry!

ellen morgan

Studies From Our September 2022, Summit

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Don't miss this unique opportunity to go into 2023 with increased revelation and wisdom for reigning in your home, having relationship with God and yourself.