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I help determined mothers— mothers just like you—find the freedom they need to prosper in life, love, marriage, and parenting relationships. Improving your parenting relationships and holistic well-being is easy when you find liberty in the areas that is weighing you down.

You wish you have more fulfilling and peaceful life!

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You Will Discover How to:

Establish better boundaries

Find deep meaningful life purpose, engagement with work

Improve your overall self-care

Deepen your faith walk and communion with God

Process difficult emotions

Learn how to coach yourself

Create your own Holistic Plan

Understand how to adjust your parenting style to address your child’s specific emotional need

- Identify core strengths and skills for resilience or improvement.

- Understand the process of change.

- Establish Healthy Mental Habits.

- Challenge negative thinking patterns.

- Manage difficult emotions.

- The heart of loving relationships

- Spiritual intimacy in your marriage.

- A foundation of healthy relationship - The seven desires.

- The five love language in marriage

- Parent skills and family communication

- Emotional coaching your kids - A new parenting technique 

- Giving the blessings to your children



I'm Mycel Acquaah-Mensah

I am a Christian Professional Life Coach. I have certifications in Mental Health and Professional Life Coaching. Before working as a Relationship and Family Life Coach, my husband and I have been pastoring for the past 24 years. I love helping individuals discover more about their God-giving purpose and calling. My favorite book is “Spirit, Soul and Body” by Andrew Wommack . I host events (summits) for woman and a popular guest speaker for podcasts, conferences and summits. I am married to my husband for twenty-four and half years and have three children, two young adults and a teenager. In her free time, I enjoy nature and going places with the family.

I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and International Christian Coaching Association. I provide my coaching through Living Your Ultimate Potential Ministries (LYUP). LYUP exists to help, women, couples, youth and families to find hope in difficult times and take action toward the dreams and desires the Lord has placed in their hearts.

Living Your Ultimate Potential, Founder & President

1 on 1 Coaching Program

In one-on-one coaching I provide you the support, encouragement, and skills you need and want to move forward in the direction you desire. Coaching sessions are customized for you and your specific needs.

Rates for one-on-one Coaching:

Each session is tailored just for you.

$125 for a 45 minute session 

Save money by choosing a coaching package:

Three month (6 sessions) package: one-time payment of $730 or three (3) monthly payments of $250.


Six month (12 sessions) package: one-time payment of $1470 or six (6) monthly payments of $250.


Coaching packages include the following:

  •  Two (2) 45 minute coaching calls per month, scheduled by appointment
  •  Personality Assessment and personalized review
  •  Unlimited email access to Mycel

Life Coaching Parents

Children are a joy-bringing gift from the Lord. Unfortunately, statistics support the fact that couples who become parents experience a significant decline in marital satisfaction when children arrive. Marital conflict increases dramatically and 40% of children born into a two-parent home will reside in a one-parent home by the age of 18. This issue is incredibly common but with God’s help, families can be restored again.

If these are your desires, or you would like to explore your meaning, purpose, longings and God's invitations to mature and grow, you will benefit from Parent Coaching.

During the coaching process, you have the opportunity to utilize inventories and guided resources, learning practical principles and practices to transform your life and home.

Marriage Coaching

Life-long marital satisfaction requires that couples move beyond sexual and emotional intimacy to become true soul mates. There is a spiritual bond, and a deeper sexual and emotional intimacy, that evolves uniquely when two people mature in marriage over the lesson of a lifetime. This starts in young marriages and grows into a wonderful union as life progresses. 

A multitude of problems that married couples face can be avoided if healthy connections are established early on in a marriage rather than waiting until serious problems arise.

Whole Person Coaching

We are created to blossom as whole person, along with all of God's creation - not just to exist and 'get by' or languish. God's desire is that we live our best lives, embracing His peace - wholeness and wellbeing. We are called to become students of His goodness in our lives so we can make choices to live this out - and become 'peace bringers'.

Integrating the best practices from Biblical view, flourishing in your whole wellbeing along with Spiritual Formation, regardless of your story or current situation, Holistic Coaching can support you in growing and thriving in all your life systems - body, brain, mind, emotions, spirit, your marriage and parenting.

Along the coaching journey, depending on your individualized goals and desires, areas of focus may include incorporating holistic wellbeing principles and practices.

Group Coaching Opportunities

Resilient Mom

  • Group coaching for mothers. How to move from shattered to wholeness.
  • How to raise happy, healthy, confident children by being aware of their mental wellbeing, how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and behavioral changes. 
  • How can you move beyond the self-doubt and loneliness toward a life of purpose and meaning?
  • You can find HOPE for a new fulfilling parenting life. The key is learning to Rebuild in a community of mothers who understand what you're going through and learn from each other. 

Healthy Healing Marriage

Are You ready to turn damaging marriage patterns into productive ones? Do you long for healthy healing marriage? Are you ready to identify and minimize your relational blind spots so you can deepen your connections with your spouse?

Join a small coaching group of women (maximum 20 people) who want to a grow in your marriage and who, like you, want encouragement and support in order to:

  • Getting to the heart of loving relationships
  • Couples spiritual intimacy
  • The seven desires: a foundation for healthy relationships
  • Couples in the five languages

If you are trying to hold it together in your marriage or want to enjoy a greater level of emotional wellbeing, this group is a safe place for you.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Do you want more energy, more peace, and more happiness? You will learn strategies that enable you to evaluate your emotions, keep the life-affirming ones, and discard those that hinder healthy connections. Be part of a healthy group of women who, like you, want to learn to

  • Reduce anxiety, fear, guilt & shame
  • Experience greater intimacy in relationships
  • Experience more hope and joy

Here's How it Works

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call

Together, we'll discover if coaching is a good fit for you. I'll answer your questions and help you plot a path forward.


Identify and Resolve Your Blind Spots

Inside a coaching program, we'll work through frameworks and strategies that will help you identify your limitations and empower your unique giftedness.

Experience the Dramatic Growth You Long For

My clients tell me that instead of struggling to move forward, I've helped them feel equipped and empowered to experience real growth.