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 "Moms Secret Strength: A Comprehensive Prayer Guide For Mothers To Pray For Their Children! 

The most successful mothers are those who do not give in to the wiles of the devil but stand in prayer to defend and protect their children.


Pre-Order Your Copy Now! Moms Secret Strength: A Comprehensive Prayer Guide For Mothers To Pray For Their Children


With the Moms Secret Strength, you'll get…

Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer guide.

A 5 minutes drill for mothers when they are press with time to read their Bible and pray

Scriptures for the day and a portion to write down your reflections after the days’ activities

Also, Prayers to Guide Your Children

  • Prayers Before & After Conception
  • Purpose of Motherhood
  • Praying Scriptures Over your Children
  • Prayer for Your Child’s First Day at School
  • Praying Without Ceasing
  • Your Children Will Love God & Serve Him

And many more…..

This Comprehensive prayer guide gives you details with various topics on how to pray effectively for your children, read stories and examples of motherhood journeys of some mothers including myself.

Meet Mycel Acquaah-Mensah

Mycel Acquaah-Mensah is the founder of Living Your Ultimate Potential, author of four (4) books (and still counting), speaker, counselor and mentor. She encourages women and youth to find clarity in identifying their purpose in life, why they are here and how to live a transformed and fulfilled life. 

She believe that every person was created with a purpose and needs to identify that purpose to live their ultimate potential. Her books will inspire, encourage, motivate and equip you. Mycel is married to her husband Rev. Benjamin Acquaah-Mensah and has three children, two young adults and one teenager. 

Mycel has been serving God for over thirty years. She has passion for the work of God and loves to see people living the abundant life Christ promised us. Living daily in the presence of God and having an intimate relationship with Him. She is a conference speaker and a teacher of the Bible. 


Pre-Order Your Copy Now!

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 Create an atmosphere of God’s presence in your home, pointing your children to God, living a fulfilled life and purpose without confusion, frustration, and not waiting another day that your children will be drawn from wrong things. 

Moms Secret Strength, A Prayer Guide

But you can pre-order your copy for $15!


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