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Living Your Ultimate Potential Ministries (LYUPM) believes that giving children the right education is the best foundation any parents can give to their children. In 2004, I started a non-profit organization in Ghana, when a mother came to my home wanting to do some laundry for me in other pay her some money to go and buy food for her four (4) children who had not eaten as at the time she was talking to me. 
I began to interview her about her life and asked her if she had a husband. She had a husband but he is not able to take care of the family and none of her four (4) children has ever been to school, starting from her oldest who was twelve (12) years old . Her story moved me and I thought to myself, what can I do to help this mother who is desperately trying to take care of her children? And what is best thing that can change the dynamics of this family that this circle of poverty in her family does not continue with her children?
So after giving her some food and money for her children, I decided to take three of her children to school, the youngest was a toddler. I bought every school supply they needed for school and paid for their school fees. At their school, I found out that there were other children in the school who are in similar situation and others orphans. So I ended up paying the fees of twelve children. 
To enable us help more children, we have decided to build a Christian Elementary School for children in similar situations and also orphan children. We want to pay for their tuition and also feed them. In their learning, the will grow in their spirit, soul and body, knowing who they are in Christ. Your sponsorship will give knowledge and change the lives and destiny of these children forever. Thank you for your kind support and contribution towards the foundation of these children. Their transformation will be in your account for eternity. God bless you! 
We're building a Christian foundational school for toddlers to senior high school. JOIN US TODAY

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God Bless You

Your sponsorship will go a long way to pay for a child's tuition and feed them, putting smiles on their faces and they will become great leaders in the society.