Transform Your Life With Your Words


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Words! Use them right and they’ll move mountains. Use them wrong and they can cause your entire life to go up in smoke. Here is how to transform your life with your words.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of your words.  Satan doesn’t.  He works constantly to get you to turn them in a negative direction.  He’ll fire darts of pain and sickness and discouragement at you just to get you to speak faithless words-words that will eventually send your life up in smoke.  Don’t let him succeed!

Make no mistake; your words aren’t meaningless or powerless in your life.  They have creative power, just as God demonstrated when He created the heavens and the earth with His words.  Now, you have the authority to do the same thing here on earth.

Begin to take control of your life by getting control of your tongue.  Refuse to speak anything other than the Word of God about your life or situation.  Then, watch as everything you’ve been believing for begins to come to pass.


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